Sample Resumes

A few words about sample résumés…

Some resume services post samples on their websites that are fictionalized versions of their real client’s resumes. I have chosen not to do this because some résumé shoppers will then copy that information to write their own résumé, not realizing that the approach I have taken is customized to the individual needs of a particular client who has made an investment in having a high-quality résumé written for their unique background and objectives.

You can rest assured that when I write your résumé, it will not appear as a sample on my site and that you own the full rights to it.

You will be able to find samples of my career document writing in over thirty books. In these cases, my clients have given their permission for their résumés or cover letters to be published(with identifying information removed) and are proud their documents have made the cut to be featured in these educational books.