International Career Services

Myriam-Rose Kohn offers a full spectrum of career services, whether for domestic or international needs. The only one to hold not only accreditation from the American Translators Association, but also several career and personal branding certifications, she can assist you wherever you are in your career. She uniquely writes international résumés in the proper format for your target country and in the language of your choice.

  • Would you like a rewarding career with an international company?
  • Do you want to have the experience of living and working in another country?
  • Are you an international executive who would like to get a job in the United States?
  • Are you planning to travel to Western Europe or Asia for business and need translations or business protocol training?

Myriam-Rose Kohn is committed to providing her clients with all the services they need to land the domestic and international jobs they want. She has designed three packages for you that range from the essentials to get started to being fully prepared for your journey. Of course, she can design custom design a package for your specific needs as well―and you can always request services à la carte. 

The Ticket

  • Collection of data for your résumé to identify your most marketable skill set, accomplishments, and tangible examples that document key strengths
  • Writing of résumé (A few words about sample résumés)
  • Writing of cover letter
  • Conversion of résumé to ASCII text for emailing or posting at corporate web sites
  • Writing of thank you letter
  • Career Insights Assessment and interpretation (this will tell us your behavioral characteristics)
  • 360Reach Survey to determine how others perceive you (this is not a performance assessment)
  • Basic interview and salary negotiation coaching and training
  • Basic LinkedIn Profile consulting

The Passport

  • The Ticket Package above plus…
  • Four 45-minute Interview, Salary, and Job Search Coaching Sessions
  • LinkedIn Profile Editing and Consulting

The Boarding Pass

  • The Passport Package above plus…
  • In-depth branding program with four additional 45-minute telephone consultations (there may be a few more)
  • International Résumé Writing in your language of choice
  • Cover Letter Suite
  • Bio
  • Personal Marketing Brief
  • Two additional 45-minute Interview, Salary, and Job Search Coaching Sessions

A La Carte or Add-On Services

Ascribing to a professional Code of Ethics, Myriam-Rose guarantees prompt, courteous, professional, and ethical services. She can work with you in-person or long distance via phone, fax, email, and Skype to bridge the gap between where you are today and where you would like to be tomorrow. Your investment would start at $350 USD for resume writing and start at $1700 USD for “The Ticket” package.

Contact Myriam-Rose Kohn to set up a 20-minute consultation to explore working together, and she’ll personally recommend the combination of services that best aligns with your goals.